White Ribbon: Ari's Works on Display at Ipso Gallery

The Ipso Gallery at Fresh Produce in Sioux Falls, SD is featuring two works by Ari Albright. Running from August 9th to October 31st, the White Ribbon show takes inspiration from county fairs, specifically the art competitions that are common at such events. The show features works from over 40 artists, focusing on works created with "mediums beyond [the artists'] expertise."

One of Ari's displayed works, BIRD!, includes a combination of fabric, rhinestones, and the feathers of an Indian Ring Neck Parrot.

More information on the show can be found here.

Ariadne Albright
Mixed media: acrylic paint, heirloom fabric, rhinestones, feathers of Indian Ring Neck Parrot on wood panel
12 x 17"

On display at Ipso Gallery from August 9th-October 31st