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Meaningful art programming for healthcare clients.

The mission of Creative Care, LLC.  is to provide meaningful art programming for healthcare clients, arts engagement training for staff, and a livable wage for student art facilitators.

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Creative Care: An artist in healthcare is based on my experiences in bringing studio practices into healthcare settings and how artists looking for career opportunities to serve their community and those in vulnerable health can do the same.

Written for the hands-on audience, this book includes necessary terminology, materials use and safety as well as project development for the emerging, mid and career artists and creative types.

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Art for...

A work of art created for the purpose of visual delight would be an appreciation of beauty or decoration…

When an artist conveys information about his or her personality, feelings or world view – separate from a social cause, a sale or commission…

Using art to aid and enhance religious contemplation, religious institutions around the world have found ways to incorporate artists` creativity into their sacred practices…

Commemoration is something done as an aid to memory and artwork made for this purpose links us with humanity that stretches back in time…

An artist interested in providing commentary, views art`s primary goal as communication between artists and viewer by means of subject matter…

Government buildings, public monuments, television commercials, and film all use the power of art to influence people’s opinions and actions…

Questions for the Creatives?

Curious about the roles of arts in health professionals?    How can you get involved?

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Arts Advocacy

“Arts in Healthcare was a new endeavor at Sanford Vermillion Care Center. Ari’s approach to engage residents has contributed to the quality of life of our residents. Her unique approach has enhanced engagement and relationships between residents, families and staff. Outcomes - supervised by our clinical team - demonstrate significant decrease in behavioral issues and dependence on anti-psychotic medications used to control behaviors. Our residents, families and staff have been impacted significantly by an Arts in Healthcare program innovatively delivered at Sanford Vermillion Care Center."

Timothy Tracy Senior Director (CEO) Sanford Vermillion Medical Center

“USD students participating in the Arts in Health certificate program have gained a new skill set for their careers.  Several students have decided they will continue to pursue Arts in Health as a career. Creative Care has qualified professionals to help the community use art for healing in our contemporary world.”

Cory Knedler Chair, Department of Art University of South Dakota

“Working alongside Ari Albright is a blessing not only for the creative care team but the people supported. I have witnessed great change in people’s spirits, wellness, personalities, and behaviors; for instance I witnessed a very “unemotional jokester” pour out their emotions on canvas with alcohol inks, only to later sob with joy over discovering emotions about his self and family heritage. This was a trivial moment that changed the artistic nature of every person in that room that day, and I know that Ari Albright and her team can continue to provide the supplies for moments like these in the future.”

Heather Lynn Steffen Arts in Health Intern

Our Team

Ariadne Albright
Ariadne Albright

Ariadne (Ari) Albright is an artist and traveler who has spent three decades creating narrative paintings that explore themes of identity and belonging. Born in Cheyenne, Wyoming, Ariadne (air-ee-odd-knee) received her B.F.A. in Printmaking, from the University of Washington and M.F.A. in Painting, from the University of South Dakota (USD). Employed as an artist and art educator, Ari is the Arts Program Coordinator at Sanford Vermillion Medical Center (SVMC); a roster artist with the South Dakota Arts Council (SDAC); she initiated the arts in health curriculum at USD and serves as board member of the National Organization for Arts in Health (NOAH).

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Rebecca Froehlich
Arts in Health Facilitator
Rebecca Froehlich

Rebecca Froehlich is a communication professional and visual artist. She received her BFA in Painting from the University of South Dakota in 2017 and professional development as an Artist in Healthcare from USD & the University of Florida. She received her Master of Arts in  Education at Augsburg University in 2022. She has experienced making community-based art in hospitals, independent  living, dementia care, urban neighborhoods, rural small towns, and more. Her preferred media includes painting and fiber arts, but she always loves the opportunity to learn new projects. She also loves to  get outdoors, take photos, and appreciate the beauty of nature.

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Rosemary Buchmann
Arts in Health Facilitator
Rosemary Buchmann

In 2021, I retired from teaching high school art, then transitioned to an artist in a healthcare career. A Michigan native, I transplanted to South Dakota in the early 90s. I have led workshops for art teachers  and adults and taught children of all ages. My present work focuses on creatively engaging elderly populations within care settings and bringing arts interactions to adults with disabilities. I employ a variety  of two- and three-dimensional fine art, crafts, and basic music experiences. I prefer to mesh a bit of art or music knowledge within the making and doing to provide participants a sense of accomplishment  and originality.

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