NOAH: National Organization for Arts in Health

     Founded with a mission to serve and advance the field of arts in health, the National Organization for Arts in Health (NOAH) aims to unify the field by providing “transformational leadership”, according to their website. Through the research and experience of individuals in the arts in health community, NOAH knows, “that the arts are an integral component to health, and we are committed to shaping a reality where that fact is accepted fully, and incorporated into medical treatment, medical education, prevention, and public health and wellbeing.” The goals and initiatives that NOAH has developed, and continues to develop for the future of arts, health and wellbeing, can be seen making an impact in communities across America. Arts in health professionals gather annually at the National Organization for Arts in Health Conference, to discuss the state of the field, release professional development materials and share the impact that the arts are making in community, regional or national programs.

     Ari Albright serves as board member of the National Organization of Arts in Health (NOAH) Professional Development Committee and will present on,  “Artist working in Healthcare: WHO, HOW, WHEN & WHY?” at the NOAH Conference: Reimaging the Future of Arts in Health in Austin, TX, October 7-10, 2018.

Click here for more information about the National Organization for Arts in Health. 


2017 NOAH White Paper Online Edition: “Arts, Health, and Well-Being in America”

Code of Ethics for Arts in Health Professionals & Standards for Arts in Health Professionals


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